Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autism Support Network's 10 Essential Skills to Teach Students with Autism

 Parents will always want the best for their children and for them to be successful and independent.  Parents with a child on the autism spectrum have the same expectations.  However, we realize that it is much more difficult to prepare for their future with regard to employment, education, and independent living skills.  It is important that we continually advocate for our children during each phase of their education.  In particular, we need to be supportive during the transition planning period.  Most IEP transition planning doesn’t occur until our children reach the ages of 14-16.  However, most parents recognize the need to start this process much earlier.   The autism support network has listed 10 essential skills that we should teach our children before they leave high school.  Don't wait for high school!   For example, personal safety and hygiene can be taught at various levels.  Obviously, some of these skills cannot be directly taught until your child is older and more mature.   But the more adaptive skills you can teach during their elementary/middle schools years, the better!   To view the list of skills see the link below.


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